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Lot 1117 - Monaco 2019 - Day 2

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Elizabeth II 1952- Boîte avec 4 lingots en argent, London, 1969, AG 400 g. 999‰ Conservation : FDC, dans leur coffret d'origine. Engelhard London ingots were of the earliest Engelhard bullion varieties produced, dating from about 1960 through 1969, making even the latest ones nearly 50 years old. The Engelhard British HALL-MARK COLLECTION 1969 was introduced on October 25, 1969 in London’s “The Saturday Review”1 and was Engelhard’s first large promotional retail silver ingot campaign following their minimally advertised and highly exclusive London One Kilogram (KILO) line. These iconic sets featured four 100-gram ingots, each displaying a heritage hallmark stamping in tribute to one of England’s premier refiners; London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. Original first-year production for this HALL-MARK COLLECTION series was slated at 25,000 sets, but revised estimates show that production was terminated very early in the run. It is estimated that only about 5000 Hall-mark sets were produced.


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